Components Used In The Aging Cream Used By Ellen Degeneres

Everyone loves the talk show that is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Other than a host, she is also a well established actor, producer, writer and comedian. Many celebrities are eager to turn at her talk show not just because of the entertainment they get but the celebrities also want to know the secret behind her ageless skin. Many people including celebrities admire the beauty of Ellen DeGeneres. She has now turned 58 but she still looks like that she is in her 30’s. Many experts and people say that they have pointed out almost no change in her face for more than a decade now. She still looks the same as she was 20 years back as when she started her talk show.

Lot of buzz and rumors have come up regarding her flawless skin. Many say that she has undergone surgical and other methods in order to look young. But in order to prove all these allegations wrong she herself revealed that she used an anti aging cream that was made by the Dr. Oz. She said that Dr. Oz found a way to keep the skin wrinkle less and look younger. She told that this anti-aging cream is natural and leaves no side effects. It is completely safe and she also recommended it to others who wish to have a beautiful skin. She also told that with the help of Dr. Oz she is going to launch her own anti aging cream that will be easily available in the market with the name of Ellen DeGeneres anti aging wrinkle cream. She said that this cream is one of the best anti aging creams and completely made by the natural process so that it suits every type of skin. This cream can help the people to get rid from the fine lines and wrinkles if they regularly use it.

Ingredients used in anti aging cream

 Matrixyl 3000+ Complex – the very first component that is used in this cream is Matrixyl 3000+ Complex. This component moves deep inside the damaged skin and helps the skin to generate new collagen. This new collagen helps the skin to regain its natural freshness and glow. Dr. Oz said that this component is intentionally used. This is due to the fact that many studies and researches have proved that this ingredient reduces almost 60% to 80 % of fine lines and wrinkles from your skin. He also said that not many anti aging creams use this ingredient. That is why Dr. Oz proposed a cream that is considered as unique than the others available in the market.

Argireline: – this is second most important ingredient that is used in this cream. In research and studies it is found that when Argireline is mixed with Matrixyl 3000+ Complex it gives more effective results against the aging of the skin. It is found that the use of cream that contains these two ingredients can make a person look almost 20 year younger. This cream will eliminate all the signs of aging and make the skin to glow more than usual.