Healthy Bread Choices For The Perfect Sandwich

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious sandwich? I would be lying if I say that I don’t find sliced meat layered with crisp vegetables inside a fresh bake bread, appetizing.

I am glad that now our society has moved past the old days when our only bread choice was Wonder Bread. Now, we have more healthier options and markets contains an array of bread, wraps, and sandwich thins which are heart healthy. When you walk into your grocery store, a vast choice of bread in the bakery aisle can confuse you to decide which is the right bread option for you.

It is important for you to know about certain must-have items that should be on the nutrition fact panel. This information with the ingredients list will help you in picking up the right bread for your sandwiches. Regardless of the style of your bread choice, look for the top 5  recommendations for the bread.

Get a bread made completely with whole grain or whole wheat.

The refined grains miss out on a variety of complex carbohydrates. However, the whole grains provide these complex carbohydrate sources as they also include the endosperm, food for the seed, embryo and the bran. So, you can get the most nutrition by choosing bread or products made completely of whole wheat or whole grain in your menu.

Never Forget to have a look at the ingredient label

Do check the ingredient label mentioned on the product and try to go for the choice with least amount of ingredients. Try to avoid the packages that have added sugars like cane juice, cane sugar, molasses or corn syrup. If the sugar is mentioned at the end of the ingredient list, then it shows that its amount is less. This little sugar is standard, and you can afford to have this.

Check the number of calories

Look out for the calories that are added to bread and wraps in your diet and try to go for 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat. If you are aiming for 100-140 calories, then you can eat two slices of bread, or you can gain around the same number of calories from tortillas or wraps.

Do not forget fiber

Fibers are very important for your health, and you should look for fiber inside the bread. Try to search the label and select bread which offers 3g of fiber per bread slice. If you are going for tortilla or wrap, then each should provide 5g fiber per piece.

Go for protein

Pair your bread with some protein and get all the essential amino acids. If you are not a meat eater, then consume protein spreads with your 100% whole grain bread and deliver the essential proteins to your body. Look out for bread that contains at least 3 grams of proteins per slice and while choosing tortilla or wrap, look out for 8 grams of protein.

Going cold turkey on carbohydrates is not good for your health. Look out for whole grain products so that your body should function properly.