The Relation Of Beautiful Skin To A Proper Sleep

Our skin is the most important and visible part of us of which we should take great care. For example, healthy eating promotes the healthy skin, use of natural ingredients to keep great care of skin is also recommended. In addition to these facts, there is something that needs to be proper, in order, to achieve a desirable and healthy skin and that thing is none other than but a proper sleep.

  • Skin Requires a night’s sleep:

When we sleep, the process of repairing and regeneration of our skin occurs within our body.

Basically, when we sleep, the growth hormone gets activated which in the result, enhances the formation of collagen. This hormone is, too, required to repair some of the DNA damage that might be occurred during the day. These processes are disturbed when there comes a disturbance or shortage of sleep. The cortisol level rise due to lack of sleep which interrupts collagen production and repair. The release of Cortisol, a hormone, is happened when the body is under stress. It is not that harmful and is fully healthy only when it is formed in moderation. In the case of its elevated levels, it can cause some serious health hazards especially related to our skin.

  • How does it work?

It works by damaging the collagen and hinder its reconstruction and synthesis. In addition to this, it also causes the blockage of hyaluronic acid synthesis, which is necessary to keep the skin hydrated and chunky. Moreover, it thins the uppermost layer of the skin, resulting in the more pronounced blood vessels under the skin due to which a red and uneven complexion appears.

The more the lack of sleep, the more promotion of inflammation, which causes the skin to damage.

  • More harms of Sleep deprivation:

When there is a lack of sleep, the Immune cells called monocytes become more active, thus, causing inflammatory chemicals.

Inflammation not only damages the skin but also activate outbreaks of eczema, acne as well as signs of aging.

  • The process of detoxification of Liver depends upon sleep timing:

A proper sleep is mandatory for the natural detoxification process of the liver, which is significant for skin health. Because, when we sleep, the liver gets specifically active and detoxifies the body of toxins and any excessive hormones. In the case of interruption or incompletion of this process, it appears on the skin. Furthermore, when the liver is unable to get rid of toxins and hormones properly, the body will try to release them through other pathways. One of the other option for detoxification is the skin. As toxins are expelled via the skin, they can deteriorate cells and result in inflammation. And if this condition prolongs, then the body can undergo a hormonal excess resulting in adult acne and prematurely aging of the skin.

  • What the researcher say about proper sleep timing:

The need of sleep depends upon person to person due to biologically variance in us. According to researchers, 6-9 hours appears to be the optimal range.